Monday, August 31, 2009


school starts tomorrow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

SUMMER isn't over. yet.

Today has been ok. I started getting a little bit stressed out this morning because I had so much to do, but Justin was very helpful and encouraging. He took Elsie and Judah out to see the horses and Marlene is here sleeping, so I've been able to lay on the couch and do nothing (at least for a few minutes). It has been nice, but soon I need to get up and clean. The house is a complete disaster, which isn't unusual-- but it is very annoying.

I'd like to do something fun before school starts. It's unfortunate that 80% of fun involves some sort of monetary cost (gas, food, etc...), but there has to be something super fun and completely free that we can do in the next 5 or so days. I'm thinking that school starts on the 2nd of September but I'm not completely sure. Any ideas for free family fuN?

Visit GOOP. Will Gwyneth Paltrow be the next Martha Stewart?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i could sleep

There is something about Band of Horses that puts Marley right to sleep. When she's fussy, she stops crying immediately when I put them on. It's amazing really. All my children are asleep right now. YAY! and I'm wasting time on this silly piece of technology.

Now, something about Twitter... I've always been somewhat against it. I probably would have used it every hour of every day a few years ago, but I'm not sure what I would do with it now. My life is definitely not exciting enough to share with everyone (I mean, it's exciting in a way... but not in a way that everyone needs to know). That said, I do enjoy reading other people's "twitters" (?) from time to time. For instance, I don't remember exactly how, but I found Ben Folds twitter page, and found that he follows only 8 people. And one of those 8 happen to be Bob Saget. For some reason I found that really interesting.

Last thing. My whole "get attitude right first thing in the morning" thing is not really working. Will I need to take Paxil again? I hope not. Since my six-week postpartum period is over, (yes, Marley is six weeks old tomorrow!! AGH! Growing so quickly!) I think I will first try to start a steady exercise routine. Hopefully that will help me gain some perspective and stress-relief.

Now I'm going to find something more productive to do.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

several things...

Today has been ok. For many days, I have not felt ok. I haven't been much fun to be around; I've felt overwhelmed, uncomfortable, OVERWHELMED, un-motherly, incapable, depressed, uneasy... etc... pick any bad feeling and I've probably been having it over the last few days. This morning I felt somewhat convicted about my attitude-- I'm going to try to put my mind in the right place every morning, starting today. At least I'm going to try. Motherhood is obviously what I've been called to do, and even if I didn't imagine myself doing it this early/suddenly with millions of (ok, 3) babies, I need to do it with all of my heart and without complaining.

I also have a very important mission that I need to embark upon as soon as possible. I want to start painting again. My goal is....*thinking*.... to have a single painting completed by Christmas. That's possible, right? I had a dream the other night that I was painting some picture and singing a bright eyes song (though it was very clear what it was when I woke up, I can't remember it now). It was the best dream I've had in some time, very calm and relaxing. That is what inspired me to start painting again actually, or at least gave me the desire to do so.

I'm also thinking about grad school again. At first I wasn't going to try to go for a while... but Justin and I were discussing it yesterday and decided that maybe I should try to get it done, since it would only be another year (if I went to UGA, USC or Clemson). We'll see.